Color in a Yorkshire Terrier

Color in a Yorkshire Terrier

By Gale Thompson

The most distinctive characteristic of an adult Yorkshire Terrier is its long blue and tan silk coat. A puppy is born black and tan, but the only recognized colors for adults when registering with AKC are blue and gold, blue and tan, black and gold, or black and tan.

The AKC Breed Standard and YTCA Code of Ethics do not recognize any other color dogs than noted above. This includes all gold, born blue, liver (also known as red or chocolate), and parti-colors. One of the reasons for avoiding breeding “off-colored” Yorkies is because it could be a genetic defect that may affect the dog’s health. Some health problems can include, but aren’tlimited to, severe skin problems, allergies, total hair loss and in some cases long-term illness and/or death.

A responsible breeder will not intentionally breed for undesirable traits. On very rare occasions, a breeder will have a puppy born with a color anomaly. That puppy should undergo careful health screenings before being placed in a spay/neuter (non breeding) home. A breeder should certainly never promote these deviations as being desirable or rare.

There are many issues that potential Yorkie owners need to study before purchasing their dog. We hope you will read the helpful information at this web site and make an informed decision. It could very possibly save you aggravation, disappointment and expense. We wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of a happy, healthy Yorkshire Terrier.