Ohio Valley Yorkshire Terrier Club of Kentucky

Code of Ethics

1. Each member of the Club will keep breeding and pedigree records accurate, complete, and up-to-date so that there will not be the least question at any time.

2. Each member will seek to do selective scientific breeding by using stud or matron so as to reduce faults to a minimum and to secure in the puppies a better type and quality.

3. The bitch will not be bred oftener than two out of three heats.

4. The sales price of puppies will be based principally on type, and members will not seek to undersell each other for the sake of bargain prices.

5. No member shall speak or write disagreeably or dishonorably of another member nor seek to impair the reputation of another member by reference to quality or breeding stock or other kennel matters.

6. Each member will gauge his actions on the basis of the best interest of the breed and of the dog fancy for the present and the future.